Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Finding Your Personal Symbol

At different points in life, we can find ourselves drawn to different symbols. This summer, after one landed near me in meditation, I felt a fascination with the image of the dragonfly. Suddenly I was seeing these beautiful insects everywhere around me, on t shirts, pottery and buttons. To me the dragonfly symbolizes the perfect marriage of spirit and earth, strength yet fragility.

When we find ourselves drawn to a particular symbol or set of images, it is very important that we pay attention to how these inner objects are speaking to us. One of the meanings ascribed to the dragonfly is rebirth and life. I can see the rebirth theme everywhere in my life now that I have graduated nursing school and must begin yet another new journey into the job world.

By allowing the dragonfly symbol into my life, I take on the energy of this totem. I create a power symbol for myself that automatically aligns my subconscious and conscious minds and serves as a guide for inner exploration. Aligning ourselves with personal symbols is yet one more way to live a magickal life. By wearing the dragonfly in a pin or carrying an image of the dragonfly with me, I can create a subconscious link to this archetype and ask it to unfold its secrets to me as I set foot on a new path.

Each of the symbols we choose to explore will tell us wonderful things that are individual messages for our personal journies. May yours be blessed.


Son of Medb said...

Can a person have various different symbols that mean various different things? And how do you find your symbols?

Carrie said...

Good questions.

I don't think there are any rules, as long as you resonate with the symbols and allow yourself to explore their meaning for you. Research and meditation on the image to see what ideas and images come up from the depths of your subconscious is the key, in my opinion. If you are going to use more than one symbol, it would help to get very specific and clear as to what each one means to you and at what time in your life you rely on it to bring you to a deeper place within you. Symbols are a tool to reach our innermost selves. The subconscious uses symbols instead of words and if we are doing deep inner work a symbol can say much more to us than a word because it implies several meanings and thoughts at once.

As to how to find your personal symbol, pay attention to the repeating symbols that are being played out in your everyday life. It might help to journal on them or keep a notebook. What do these symbols spark within you? Do they resonate on a deep level that goes beyond words? Meditation is also a wonderful way to find your personal symbol. Find the quiet place within you and see what images come up. Allow them to just be without judgement and see if one clicks. That's the key, you will know your personal symbol or symbols when one image or the other clicks with you. You can try one out and see if it does, if it doesn't, you can always move on and try something else. Again, I think the key is that you are delving into the self and there are no rules except the ones you make for yourself. Hope I answered your questions and thank you for writing them.

Avia Venefica has a wonderful blog on symbolic meanings and why symbolism is important to us: