Saturday, June 06, 2009

Full Moon

Only a day left until the energy of the full moon blesses the seeds we have sown in the waxing period. Connecting with the phases of the moon is one of the most innate rhythms that the human body has, all you really need to do is follow the phases on your calender and set your intention that you wish your own cycles to fall in accordance with the waxing and waning cycles of the earth's powerful partner. Following the moon will allow your projects to fall into alignment with the energy flow of the Universe and is also a wonderful way to synchronize your menstrual flow if you are a woman or to understand the pull of feminine energy on your psyche if you are a man.

In the waxing period is the time to build your energy to a culmination with the full moon. Pursue your projects with gusto, send out your resumes, make your phone calls, search out new opportunities to improve your life. Then when the full moon comes, light your candles and invite the energy of the moon to bless your hopes and wishes. Find a quiet spot outside to gaze at the lunar beauty and take in the rays of light that reflect off of her surface.

The waning period is the time to clear out old ideas, clean out your closets so to speak, and organize your life for the next cycle. This is also the time to let the energy that you built up during the waxing cycle go so that it has time to follow your intentions without the pull of your energy impeding its progress. At the new moon is a good time to practice banishings of any old or negative energy forms, and to let your energy rest.

Any basic book on magick will describe these cycles, but its best to set your intention and figure out how the energy works for yourself. Being in sync with the moon is a wonderful foundation for all of your manifestation work and will benefit you spiritually and physically. ~ Blessed Be.


Anonymous said...

As usual your article is great; however it was needed tonight. Even the most seasoned of us needs reminding sometimes of tides, turnings, yens, and yearnings. Thank you ~Glinda Goodwitch

Carrie said...

Thank you Glinda!