Friday, May 08, 2009

Mercury Retrograde May 2009

Its that time again. From May 7th until the 30th Mercury goes retrograde. This is when the planet that rules communication, travel, and technology looks like its going backwards in its orbit and it can cause all sorts of foul ups. It is recommended that you don't start anything new during this time, for example, its not a good time to sign contracts. There will be some snag with anything new that is begun at this time, some sort of set back in the future.
What it is a good time to do is to finish projects, especially those you've started in the past and not finished yet. Its also a good time to clean out the clutter and get rid of things. Buying used goods is better than buying new at this time. Bringing a big bag of clothes to the consignment shop will be favored at this time.
This is a time when you will bump into old friends, go back to old memories or places you've been, or spend some time clearing that old pattern of behavior that you haven't been able to work through before.
This is also a good time to take time to take stock of your environment, back up your computer files and perform regular maintenance. Broken things that have been hanging by a thread will tend to break down during this time, but try not to be tempted to buy something new to replace them, rather see if you can have them fixed and wait until Mercury goes direct to replace them if you have to.
If you go with the energy instead of fighting it, Mercury Retrograde can be a very productive time. Relax and follow the cycles of the Universe.

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Laurie said...

I would love to read your blog but with the words on this background it is just too difficult. You might consider making it easier, perhaps black letters on a light background!

Carrie said...

I will think about that, thanks for your comment!

Laurie said...

thanks! I am not young. my eyes are not great! This makes your writing so much easier to read!
Thank you so much.

Carrie said...

You're welcome, my pleasure. Thanks for reading!